July de 2000

Flashindex launches new products: search for Mp3 files, Images, Video and Other Files.

Flashindex today announced several new products to complement the search services available. It was the first company in Portugal to allow the search for files in several formats including mp3, video, images and other type of files. The service in available in some of our partners.

Search for Som/MP3
Through the search by the title of the music or the name of the singer, this service allows the file audition or downloads in the Internet. Therefore, it allows the creation of a library of favorite songs in the computer.

Search for Imagens
Service that permits, through the search of key words, access to a complete image gallery in several formats, including .gif and jpeg, that will allow the user several range of applications.

Video and other Files
This service allows the search through the remaining formats of existing files. You may search for a video or an executable program.

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